Initi Digital are an Ecologi Business Member

Yay! We're a paid up Ecologi business member!

We've become a fully paid up Ecologi member, helping to offset our carbon footprint.

Who are 'Ecologi'?

Ecologi are considered the market leader in collective climate action. They are a social enterprise who provide innovative and progressive tools: a subscription service to reverse climate change; a marketplace for climate action; and a tool for real-time carbon footprinting for business. Their mission is to avoid 50% of global emissions by 2040 by protecting nature, supporting the best in carbon offset programmes (like protecting the Amazon Rainforest) and planting trees in the places that need them.

How has that helped Initi?

You can see our personal forest and profile on Ecologi and view our official certificate

We've only just started in 2022, but already it means we've planted 22 trees and offset 0.88 tonnes of CO2e!

That's only the start but means we've offset 1 long haul flight OR 3 metres2 of sea ice saved OR allowed us to drive ~2,183 miles in a car!


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